Mel Gibson Might Direct The ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel, And That Would Be Amazing

Y’all ready for this?

Mel Gibson and Harley Quinn
Gibson - Getty Images - Harley - Video Still

It’s one of those matches made in heaven—or elsewhere—that you don’t think about then hear of it and realize it might be perfect. Actor and director and occasional mess Mel Gibson is reportedly in the running to direct a follow-up to 2016’s successful (if savagely-reviewed) Suicide Squad.

While The Hollywood Reporter says Gibson is becoming “familiar with the material” the studio has yet to settle on the original Mad Max. Still, if he does get the official nod, it would really top what has overall been a remarkable comeback. As THR noted:

The fact that Gibson, riding high thanks to his Oscar-nominated war movie Hacksaw Ridge, is being courted by Warners marks a remarkable turnaround for the actor-director. His image took a hit in the 2000s after a drunk driving arrest and anti-Semitic comments, and he found himself losing studio work.   

With the idea of Mel handling an anti-hero saga like Suicide Squad 2 (or whatever its real title is in the end) in mind it’s actually tough to imagine anyone else—his wild and outspoken public persona seems ready-made to direct Margot Robbie’s crazy-sexy Harley Quinn.

As Mel himself just confirmed the talks are definitely going on, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. 

h/t THR, ScreenRant