Melo and KG’s Conversation Revealed!

Maxim takes you inside the controversy.

Maxim takes you inside the controversy.

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty)

It recently came to light that James Dolan, Knicks owner and self-proclaimed “dictator of all that I see,” had two gentlemen in his employ secretly record every word that Carmelo Anthony murmured on and off the court in the Knicks’ win over the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday.

It’s assumed that this was in response to the spat Melo had with KG last week, but not many outlets have the depth or ability to tediously news-gather like Maxim. In fact, we’ve discovered that Dolan was recording Melo’s chatter at the Boston game and we’ve obtained a tape of said encounter. Brace yourself – it’s a doozy.

Melo: Man Kev, I am huuuuuungry.

KG: Me too. Hobbling up and down the court between fouling forwards that I can’t keep up with and taking the exact same mid-range jumper again and again is tiring.

Melo: We should get some chow when this dumb game is over.

KG: I’m on board. You know what I could really go for? Some Honey Nut Cheerios!

Melo: That sounds great. I have some at my house. Want to drop by after the game?

KG: I do, but I’m a little worried about what the fans will think. We’re rivals, maybe we shouldn’t be canoodling.

Melo: Good point. How about this – I’ll meet you by your bus and we’ll sneak away into the night, free to enjoy all the lightly sweetened, heart-healthy cereal we want?

KG: Sounds like a plan, old chum!

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