Metallica Thinks Canadians Could Use a Beer

The band is teaming up with Budweiser for a limited edition — but there’s a catch

Why settle for a can of Coke that says your name on it when you can have a can of Budweiser that says Metallica on it? 

The legendary band has teamed up with Budweiser to release their own limited edition beer, but there’s a catch: it’ll only be available in Canada. The limited run of just over 91,000 cans will be available  for sale in 15 and 24-packs throughout the city of Quebec, where Metallica is currently playing a sold-out show on Wednesday evening. Rumor has it that those who were lucky enough to get tickets for tonight’s show will be tossed a can or two for free. You’ll have to tell James Hetfield, frontman for the band, how it tastes (the same as a normal Budweiser, one would assume) he’s been booze free for awhile now.