Metallica’s James Hetfield Confronts the Celebrity Retro Metal T-Shirt Trend

His reaction is understandable.

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The trend of non-musical celebs wearing metalhead concert tees might have been over and done when Kendall Jenner wore Slayer. If it wasn’t, maybe growly Metallica front man James Hetfield’s response to various stars wearing his band’s shirts will really do the job. 

In a Facebook video interview with BuzzFeed Mexico, Hetfield was presented with pics of famous names ranging from Avril Lavigne (“That’s the singer from Nickelback, right?”) to Kim Kardashian (“That’s Kanye West, right?”). His responses were equal parts checked-out suburban dad and metal dude who doesn’t give a damn. Of the photos he seemed most impressed with Ryan Gosling’s, but he couldn’t remember the actor’s name. 

It seems like Hetfield is fine with anyone wearing his band’s name but is ultimately way too busy creating thunderous rock and roll to truly care how famous they are. 

He has our full support. 

h/t Stereogum