Watch 6 New Videos From Metallica, Including an Epic Tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, ‘Murder One’

Hell to the yes.

Metal lost a true legend when Lemmy Kilmister died in December 2015. Aside from Lemmy’s own band, Motörhead, no group may be more well-equipped than Metallica to give the “Ace of Spades” singer a proper sendoff. With “Murder One”—the name Lemmy gave his guitar amp—James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and company do just that.  

Rolling Stone reports the “Murder one” video’s unique look comes from animator Robert Valley, whose unique style might be familiar to anyone who ever watched the video for the Gorillaz tune, “Feel Good.” 

Metallica pays homage to Lemmy’s history as a true original as well as his huge influence on them. It marks his journey from when his band Hawkwind dumped him at the Canadian border to the founding of Motörhead. James Hetfield underscored how important Lemmy and his band had been to Metallica when he told Rolling Stone that the rock icon was a huge help. 

“He was unafraid,” said Hetfield, “And he was a character. And he was himself … He did his own thing to the last breath. No matter who you are, how could you not be inspired by that?” 

No doubt.

Metallica has been generous with the video drops lately. They also uploaded five other new songs to Youtube from their upcoming album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct which you can watch below.

In “ManUNKind” an almost comically nervous lead singer and death metal crew stand in for the group and give a performance that looks like it’s set in the early 1990s.

“Now That We’re Dead” is at first a straight-up, no bullshit performance video with classic pulsing Metallica guitars. It gradually gets more visually mind-bending as the video continues.   

“Am I Savage?” is a surrealist nightmare video for a song about a man breaking out of his civilized shell.

“Here Comes Revenge,” like the Lemmy tribute, uses animation to tell—in this case—a creepy story of vengeance.

In “Halo on Fire” a concert-in-the-round performance by the band is cut between scenes of a young woman’s grim lone journey through a menacing city to a surprising destination.

Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is out November 18. It’s set to be a classic album from a tireless band.

h/t Rolling Stone