Metallica Just Released Amazing Video of Their Grammy Dress Rehearsal With Lady Gaga

No audio problems here.

It was strange enough when we learned that Lady Gaga and Metallica were teaming up to perform together at the Grammys. Then when the music awards show aired live, a series of tech snafus robbed viewers of what looked like a surprisingly killer performance. The rockers and pop star recently decided to give fans a taste of what they missed and they released video of their dress rehearsal performing “Moth Into Flame.”

Turns out the Grammys audience missed out on a literally fiery and thrilling performance that had a little bit of something for everyone. Metallica gave a recording studio-worthy performance and Lady Gaga proved she’s got the vocal chops to handle just about any kind of music and still sound authentic. 

After a dress set this good, it’s easy to see why, as Loudwire noted, drummer Lars Ulrich spoke of lead vocalist James Hetfield being “livid,” apparently angrier than Ulrich had seen him “in 20 years.” 

It’s a good thing the Grammys apologized to Metallica for all the tech screw-ups because as they age the guys only grow sharper and more professional in performance, so hopefully we’ll get to see them shake up another boring awards ceremony in the future. 

And it might sound kind of crazy, but it’d be fun to hear Lady Gaga do more metal, because she’s on (non-literal) fire here. 

h/t Loudwire