Mets Fans Wanted to Burn Chase Utley Alive Last Night

They didn’t get their chance. 

Mets fans have long hated Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley. That’s what happens when you have a borderline Hall of Fame career for a World Series-winning rival. So the longtime Phillie and current Dodger was going to get booed during last night’s game at Citi Field no matter what.

But then Saturday night happened. In an attempt to break up a double play in game two of the series between the Mets and Dodgers, Utley went into second base with all the grace of a freight train. His head hit Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada in the leg and snapped it like a Slim Jim. It was a terrible slide, made worse by the confusing call that came after it. That moment ensured that “boo” would be the nicest thing Utley would hear at Citi Field. 

The first sign that the natives were out for blood on Monday night came in the form of this sign:

Citi Field security reportedly confiscated it before the game started. It’s not exactly clear why but the fan holding it, ‘Ashleigh from Manhattan,’ has a theory. “My guess is ISIS doesn’t want to be associated with Chase Utley,” she said.

Tying Utley to a murderous group of religious zealots is harsh, but it’s also a little funny. Another Mets fan dispensed with the humor altogether:


The signs allowed individual fans to register their disapproval, but it was the mass demonstrations of ire toward Utley stood out most. First, Mets fans rained down boos and wildy swung their fists during introductions.

Chase Utley booed during player introductions

— Rob Tornoe (@RobTornoe) October 13, 2015

Those angry bros look mad enough to punch a door.

Later in the game, with the result no longer in doubt, the natives brought out the torches and pitchforks. After Yoenis Cespedes deposited a baseball into orbit the crowd began chanting, “We want Utley.”

“We want Utley!” chants at Citi Field after Cespedes bomb.

— Bryan Armen Graham (@BryanAGraham) October 13, 2015

What did they want him for? It’s unclear, but one good guess is disembowelment. That’s just kind of a long word for a chant. 

Photos by Elsa / Getty Images