Metta World Peace’s Greatest Hits

The NBA’s most volatile, and loveable, player is returning to Los Angeles.

If the NBA felt empty last year, devoid of the unpredictability that makes professional sports so addicting, that’s probable because Metta World Peace was playing in China and Italy. Next season will be different: MWP is back.

The small forward formerly known as Ron Artest signed a one year deal with the Lakers, where he’ll be used more as a mentor than a lock down defender. Still, count on MWP adding to his already rich legacy this season. Here are some of the greatest hits from the NBA’s weirdest, wildest and most interesting dude. 

1. The time he was in the middle of The Malice at the Palace

Most consider this a stain on the NBA, but 11 years later it’s hard to not marvel at the insanity. It’s a total train wreck, with MWP’s fists the train and those fans faces the thing the train wrecked into.

2. The time he pantsed Paul Pierce and then sang him an apology

The man will do anything to gain an advantage., not that it always works.

3. The time he auctioned off his NBA Finals ring… 

and made $650,000 for mental health charities.

4. The time he destroyed James Harden with his elbow.

It looks intentional, but if anyone could get so lost in his own head and accidentally knock a dude out, it’s MWP.

5. The time Jimmy Kimmel pranked him with all these animals.

Haha, big man is scared of little animal.

6. The time he did the weather. 

Watch him fart on Darius Morris.

7. The time he iced the Championship for the Lakers  with this three. 

Metta’s a maniac, but don’t forget that the man can ball.  Or at least he could. 

8. Check back in a few months.

There’ll be something new, we’re sure of it.

Photos by Rocky Widner / Getty images