Mexican Hype Video Uses Donald Trump to Talk Smack About American Soccer

The USMNT and Mexican national team will settle this on October 10. 

A month from now, the United States men’s national soccer team and their rivals from Mexico will meet at the Rose Bowl. The stakes could hardly be higher, with the winner advancing to the 2017 Confederation’s Cup in Russia. As such, excitement will not be in short supply. But one Mexican TV station wants fans of El Tri to go ahead and get excited today and they’re using America’s most abundant natural resource, stupid politicians, to do that.

In this case, it’s just one stupid politician. The stupid politician du jour, Donald Trump. 

The video is tasty slab of red meat that will make fans of either country team fired up for the game. But before Mexico fans get too excited, we’d like to remind them of a few words that are more relevant to this conversation that anything Trump says: dos a cero.

Photos by Christian Petersen/Getty Images