Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Blows Up Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly For Sliding Into her DMs

“Shoulda spent more time in your playbook.”

College kids do embarrassing things all the time and no one cares. But if that college kid also happens to play quarterback for a SEC football team, his embarrassing moments are going to be news. That brings us to Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly, whose Rebels fell to Florida State Monday night in a wild game.

Kelly, the self-proclaimed best quarterback in the country, threw three picks in the game but his worst moment came after the final whistle when former porn star Mia Khalifa completely blew up his spot on Twitter.

Khalifa is a huge ‘Noles fan, which is only one reason why Kelly should have been wary about sliding into her DMs. The 23-year-old, who retired from porn to become a professional sports fan, has made a habit of calling out thirsty dudes who hit her up online. 


Last summer it was Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams, who spent months trying to get Khalifa to meet up with him over Twitter. Not only was he unsuccessful, but his complete lack of game was exposed to the entire world. 


A few months before that she called out Drake for trying to hit her up online. Though she didn’t actually call him out by name (she only said that the creeper’s name rhymed with “rake”), Khalifa was clearly talking about Drake when she said, “It was flattering, but his intentions were obviously clear. It was so cringeworthy. The whole thing was cringeworthy.”

Not that Khalifa’s a prude or anything. She’s even used her sex appeal to try to lure athletes to FSU in the past. 

It didn’t work. Miller remained at Ohio State.