Mia Khalifa Continues Roasting College QB Who Tried to Mack on Her

Chad Kelly can’t catch a break.

Ever since Mia Khalifa limped away from her career as a porn star, she’s made a habit out of exposing sleazy athletes who try to hit her up online. Perhaps no one has suffered more for this Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly. 

After Florida State, Khalifa’s favorite team, beat Kelly’s Rebels in September, she tweeted an image of the thirsty DM he sent her prior to the game and ripped his garbage performance on the field. Kelly’s DM wasn’t even that embarrassing, but the kid must have felt differently becuase he deleted his Twitter account in the aftermath.

We get it, you smoke weed

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Earlier this week, a couple days after fans of Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell turned on him for tweeting a video of Khalifa lip-syncing his song, she appeared on the Rochester radio show “Break Room” and spoke about the Kelly incident. She said she would have respected him more if he would have defended his DM or shrugged it off, rather than hitting the delete button.

“I don’t think that he is a dog, or an inappropriate guy whatsoever,” she said. “He could have easily, either A.) ignored it, or B.) went on his social media and said, ‘Hey, I didn’t say anything that bad.'” 

She added that Kelly should have just told her she was being a “bitch” and she would have agreed. But instead, he went into hiding. Asked by the host if that made Kelly a “bitch,” Khalifa answered emphatically. “Yes!” she said.

Of course, Kelly is having the last laugh this season. Khalifa’s Seminoles are terrible and his Rebels are right outside the top 10. 


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