Michael B. Jordan On Why Sylvester Stallone Won’t Appear as Rocky in ‘Creed III’

“Hopefully you guys will love what I’m thinking.”


The good news is that we’re getting the third installment in the Creed movie franchise. Also good news: Michael B. Jordan will direct this film, marking his debut behind the camera. Bad? No Rocky Balboa.

Sylvester Stallone will not be in Creed III, and Michael B. Jordan decided to address the absence in an interview published by IGN. Jordan spoke to the publication to promote his new Amazon Prime movie, Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. Regarding Stallone and the upcoming sequel, here’s what he said:

“Yeah, I think that Sly let it be known that he wasn’t coming back for this one but I think, you know, his essence and his spirit… there’s always going to be a little bit of Rocky within Adonis,” Jordan said.

“But this is a Creed franchise, and we really want to build this story and this world around him moving forward. So, it’s always respect and always a shit-ton of love for what he’s built, but we really want to push and navigate Adonis forward and the family that he created. So, hopefully, you guys will love what I’m thinking… what we’re cooking up. I think it’s going to be something special.”

The Hollywood Reporter received confirmation Stallone wasn’t taking part via one of his reps, who indicated the 74-year-old would “not take part in the MGM boxing installment, but no additional explanation was offered.”


Stallone, meanwhile, has been working on a new cut of Rocky IV and may eventually bring us a Rocky prequel series set in the 1960s

Creed III, directed by and starring Michael B. Jordan, is slated to hit theaters in November 2022.