Watch the Legendary Michael Caine Contemplate His Twilight Years in the Youth Trailer

Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film is bound to be an Oscar season player. 

If the Academy Awards had a category for movie trailers, Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth would be a lock. The acclaimed Italian director’s second English-language feature explores the lifelong friendship of a composer and a film director, played by Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel, while they vacation with their families in the Swiss Alps.

Keitel’s Mick is scrambling to finish what he believes will be his last great work, while Caine’s Fred stubbornly refuses to come out of retirement despite the urgings of his daughter Lena (Rachel Weisz). The heavy-hitting cast likely helped convince Fox Searchlight to pick up Youth ahead of its well-received premiered at Cannes. It will screen at the Toronto Film Festival before opening theatrically on December 4, during the height of awards-season buzz. Expect to see Oscar noms for Caine and perhaps Jane Fonda, who enters Youth in the third act as a complicated, resentful actress and Mick’s muse. Paul Dano also co-stars as an actor vacationing at the same villa who looks to Mick and Fred for guidance.

Sorrentino previously directed Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place, and won a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2011 for The Great Beauty.

Photos by YouTube