Michael Fassbender Suits Up for His Assassin’s Creed Role

This is one video game adaptation we’ve been dying to see.

Even though the film is not set to be released until December 2016, we’ve been gifted with the first look at Michael Fassbender as the title character, Callum Lynch, in Assassin’s Creed.

Loyal fans of the game know that Callum is not a recognizable name from the video game series the movie is based on, but this new character creation will follow the same path as past protagonists. Yahoo! Movies just released a badass image of the German actor: he’ll portray a descendant from an elite Assassins society who unlocks genetic memories of a distant relative from 15th Century Spain. He’ll use his newly acquired set of skills to take on the Knights Templar in present day, long robes and retractable blades and all. 

After witnessing Fassbender dominate as Magneto in the comic book world, we’re stoked to see what he can do when he shifts over to the realm of video games. Now if only they’ll release some early footage…