Watch This MMA Fighter Do a Pokemon Go Celebration After Inflicting One of the Most Brutal Injuries Ever

Michael Page’s flying knee broke the skull of Evangelista Santos.

If the Pokemon Go craze has taught us one thing in the past few weeks, it’s that there’s no predicting who will be into this ubiquitous game. 

Take, for example, an MMA fighter nicknamed “Venom”? Does that sound like a Pokeball-chucking dweeb to you? Well, it is. 

Michael “Venom” Page is an undefeated welterweight with Bellator who publicly outed himself as a Pokemon Trainer over the weekend. But only after he knocked out Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos at Bellator 158 with one of the most fearsome flying knees you’ll ever see. 

Page, who was ready for this moment,  reached over the cage and retrieved his props. With a Pokeball hat and a pokeball in hand, Page proceeded to embarrass Santos even more. 

Turns out, he’s not a complete heel though. Page’s knee actually resulted in a compound fracture to Santos’ skull and his ex wife, Cris Cyborg of the UFC, set up a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of his surgery, rehab and the lost wages that will follow. On Twitter, encouraged his fans to donate. Santos won’t be fighting for a while.