The World’s Most Famous Hurdler Deserves a Gold Medal Just For Her Viral Dance Video

Revisit the sexy video that made Australian Olympian Michelle Jenneke globally famous.

Michelle Jenneke arrived on the world’s radar at the 2012 IAAF World Junior Championships, where she finished fifth in the 100m hurdles. Not exactly the kind of finish that would ordinarily attract global media attention. But Jenneke was no ordinary sprinter. She could also dance. Just watch her famously viral video here:

Four years after her little warm-up routine turned her into an internet sensation with gazillions of YouTube views, Jenneke is about to make her 2016 Olympic debut. The 23-year-old will run in Rio today and she’s probably got about as much chance at medaling as you do. 

Jenneke doesn’t care though. In fact, she’s never really been obsessed with being in the Olympics. Unlike most athletes in Rio, who live and breathe their sports, Jenneke has always just done it for fun, her mom recently told an Australian paper

“Athletics has always been her fun thing. She’s never been — and I put quotes around this — a ‘serious’ athlete. Athletics has always been something that she does, it’s not who she is.”

What sports have done for Jenneke is create another career for her. She’s worked as a model since the video blew up the internet four years ago, appearing in a Coca Cola ad, among other things. By the looks of her Instagram, she’s got a future doing this modeling thing.