Last Play in Univ. of Michigan-Michigan State Game Goes Epically Wrong

This you have to see to believe.

There were only 10 seconds left on the clock in the Michigan State-University of Michigan matchup Saturday, and it was UMich’s game to lose—they were in the lead, 23-21. There was no way this could end well for Michigan State.

Then punter Blake O’Neill bobbled a low snap. The ball was loose. And Michigan State pounced. As MLive reported, that was all Michigan needed, because “the ball popped right into the hands of Jalen Watts-Jackson, a redshirt freshman defensive back for Michigan State who had never touched the ball in a college football game before.” 

Jackson took off like a redshirted bat out of hell and ran it in for the touchdown. The final: 27-23. 

The downside—Jalen Watts-Jackson’s amazing pickup and his teammates’ celebration after may have also put him on the injured list. MLive reported he emerged from the bottom of the joyful pile-up in the end zone with a hip injury and was taken to the hospital.

Even if he doesn’t play another game this year, though, Jackson sealed his place in college football legend with this one stunning play. 


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