Microsoft Imagines the Future of Watching Football and It’s Damn Near Unbelievable

HoloLens will change the game.

Fifty years from now, your Super Bowl party is going to look nothing like what you’re used to, and not just because you’ll be dipping dried crickets into synthetic guac. The way Microsoft sees it, you’ll be experiencing the game in a completely different way thanks to its HoloLens technology. 

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Microsoft describes HoloLens as the “world’s first fully untethered holographic computer.“ It allows the integration of holograms into the real world, creating an augmented version of reality. The possibilities for technology like this are endless, but let’s see how Microsoft thinks it will change the way we watch football. 

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With HoloLens, running Windows 10, your favorite players could be brought to life through high-definition, 3D displays – allowing you to experience the athleticism and skills behind their stats. That game-changing play could pop up as a 3D hologram so you could view the field from all angles, all while your fantasy scores update in real time, without the need for you to look down at another screen.

Sounds fun, and super distracting. Not that football games, which boil down to somewhere near 11 minutes of action, don’t provide plenty of time for distraction. There’s not a football fan alive who wouldn’t prefer a coffee table reply to the drawn out challenges that eat up untold minutes of every game. 

As cool as all this seems though, it also something of a fantasy, particularly because if HoloLens technology ever reached a point where it could do what this video suggests, football itself would look nothing like it does in the video. For starters, if you could watch a game at home and have it look like this, wouldn’t the stands be empty? 

And if everyone is wearing HoloLens while watching at home, why isn’t anyone on the field wearing it too? Imagine what a quarterback could do with this type of information. It’d be like having the Terminator under center.

But maybe that’s nitpicking. This video is clearly meant to showcase what HoloLens could be, not what it will be.  No need to sweat the details. Let’s just be glad that the brains behind this incredible revolution in technology have focused on improving something so essential to life—football.