Miesha Tate Says She’ll Beat Ronda Rousey and Reveals Why She’s Voting GOP For President

The new women’s UFC bantamweight champ didn’t pull any punches with Maxim on Facebook Live.


(Phot0: UFC)

In case you missed Miesha Tate’s Facebook Live interview Monday with Maxim’s Chris Wilson, here are the eight top takeaways from our chat with the newly-crowned UFC women’s bantamweight champion who choked out Ronda Rousey conquerer Holly Holm:

UFC champ Miesha Tate answers your questions

Posted by Maxim on Monday, March 28, 2016

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1. She says she’ll finally beat Ronda Rousey if they fight a third time:

“I’m very confident. I was telling everyone that Ronda Rousey is not this unbeatable woman, and then Holly Holm went out there and kicked her head off, and I was like, ‘See? I told you she was only human.’ And then I went out there and choked out Holly. It just goes to show you on any given day that someone can go out there  and win fights. I wanna rematch her. I’m so excited I have the belt. I’m supercharged and I’m confident.”

2. She thinks Rousey has lost her edge:

“She’s definitely been exposed for sure. I really question her mentality. I know the first thing I want to do when I come back from a loss is to get in the gym and get better. She said she wants to have kids with Travis Browne. I don’t know where her mind is. Is this a comeback fighter? We’re questioning whether she’ll ever fight again. She’s in a weird mental state. And I feel like I’m mentally the best I’ve ever been. My camp is on a five fight win streak. Everything is coming together. I feel like I’m evolving quickly with my confidence, physically, just everything.”

3. But even if Tate doesn’t fight Rousey next, she’s ready for whoever the UFC puts her up against:

“I don’t know who’s gonna be next. I still have to talk to UFC. I gotta let the dust settle and figure out what my options are…[Rousey or Holm] would be excellent fights for sure. Also there’s Amanda Nunes. There’s Cat Zignano, there’s Julianna Pena. I don’t want to get fixated on that person until I know who it is. As a champ I have to be ready as a champ for anyone anytime. I have a big target on my back. I’ll be ready for whoever.”

4. Her favorite post-fight ritual is drinking Budweiser and eating cupcakes:

“I usually drink the beer and then eat the cupcake. Then I drink another beer and eat another cupcake. That’s the thing I really look forward to. I gotta have a cupcake and a beer.”

5. She’s going to be in a movie with Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg:

“It’s called Fight Valley and it’s my first feature film. I just dove in and did the best I could. I don’t think I’m gonna win any Academy Awards on this one. I had fun with it, and hopefully will get more opportunities like that. It’s about two sisters, one poor and one rich, and one goes into underground fighting. I did it with Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg.”

6. Her perfect date involves Thai food:

“For me it would be a home-cooked meal. Surprise me, vacuum for me. And make dinner for me. I absolutely love pad thai. And obviously cupcakes afterwards.”

7. If she could beat up any celebrity, who would it be?

“Justin Bieber, I’d leave that to Nate [Diaz]. Kim Kardashian? I’m personally OK with her. Maybe Snookie or somebody like that?”

8. She’s voting Republican for president

“I kinda feel like we need a little bit more tough love. I’ll probably get a lot of flak for this, but I kinda think we’ve been Democrat for too long, so I kinda think we need a Republican in office…I don’t know enough about [Ted] Cruz. I know there’s pros and cons to Trump, and people talk crap that he’s had a lot of failed businesses, but failing a lot sometimes means you’ve tried more. And a lot of those people have succeeded more times than they failed.”