Mike & Mike Give Us Their 2013 NFL Predictions

We stopped for lunch with ESPN radio hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg and mined them for gridiron wisdom.
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1. Who will be worse this year, the Bills or the Jets?

Golic: The Jets. Though I think I have them both going 6-10.

Greenie: The Jets. 4-12.

2. Who wins the Super Bowl?

Golic: San Francisco.

Greenie: Seattle.

3. Who will compile more fantasy points, Adrian Peterson or Calvin Johnson?

Golic: Calvin had a down year last year in terms of touchdowns. If he gets that total up, his numbers should be huge.

Greenie: Adrian Peterson. Of all the positions, the dropoff between him and the next guy will be the biggest.

4. How many games will the Giants win?

Golic: 10.

Greenie: 10.

5. Give us an over/under on the number of receptions for Wes Welker.

Golic: 95.

Greenie: I’d say 70. Demarius Thomas is going to take away a lot of Welker’s receptions.

Golic: Seventy? C’mon! That’s embarrassing.

6. Rookie of the year

Golic:Tavon Austin, St. Louis.

Greenie: Eddie Lacy, Green Bay. I can’t believe he wasn’t picked until the end of the second round.

7. What team that sucked last year could make the playoffs this year?

Golic: Kansas City.

Greenie: Since he took the Chiefs, I’ll say Carolina. I think Cam Newton’s for real.

8. Where’s the best place to watch a game. (Both Mikes rendered the next question—Which stadium has the best food?—unnecessary.)

Golic: Kansas City. Aw, man, the smell of Arrowhead Stadium…

Maxim: What is the smell?

Golic: Ribs.

Greenie:Lambeau Field. The brats...

9. MVP

Golic: Peyton Manning.

Greenie: Andrew Luck.

10. When will the Bills make it back to the playoffs?

Golic: Oh, maybe three years. So, 2016.

Greenie: I’ll take the over.

11. Who gets the number one pick in the 2014 draft?

Golic: Oakland.

Greenie: Oakland.