Mike & Mike Give Us Their 2013 NFL Predictions

We stopped for lunch with ESPN radio hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg and mined them for gridiron wisdom.

1. Who will be worse this year, the Bills or the Jets?

Golic: The Jets. Though I think I have them both going 6-10.

Greenie: The Jets. 4-12.

2. Who wins the Super Bowl?

Golic: San Francisco.

Greenie: Seattle.

3. Who will compile more fantasy points, Adrian Peterson or Calvin Johnson?

Golic: Calvin had a down year last year in terms of touchdowns. If he gets that total up, his numbers should be huge.

Greenie: Adrian Peterson. Of all the positions, the dropoff between him and the next guy will be the biggest.

4. How many games will the Giants win?

Golic: 10.

Greenie: 10.

5. Give us an over/under on the number of receptions for Wes Welker.

Golic: 95.

Greenie: I’d say 70. Demarius Thomas is going to take away a lot of Welker’s receptions.

Golic: Seventy? C’mon! That’s embarrassing.

6. Rookie of the year

Golic:Tavon Austin, St. Louis.

Greenie: Eddie Lacy, Green Bay. I can’t believe he wasn’t picked until the end of the second round.

7. What team that sucked last year could make the playoffs this year?

Golic: Kansas City.

Greenie: Since he took the Chiefs, I’ll say Carolina. I think Cam Newton’s for real.

8. Where’s the best place to watch a game. (Both Mikes rendered the next question—Which stadium has the best food?—unnecessary.)

Golic: Kansas City. Aw, man, the smell of Arrowhead Stadium…

Maxim: What is the smell?

Golic: Ribs.

Greenie:Lambeau Field. The brats…

9. MVP

Golic: Peyton Manning.

Greenie: Andrew Luck.

10. When will the Bills make it back to the playoffs?

Golic: Oh, maybe three years. So, 2016.

Greenie: I’ll take the over.

11. Who gets the number one pick in the 2014 draft?

Golic: Oakland.

Greenie: Oakland.