Watch Mike Tyson Kick Martial Arts Ass In the Ip Man 3 Trailer

Mike Tyson has a Christmas present for your face.

How do you improve on a classic martial-arts movie with a CGI recreation of Bruce Lee? Invite Mike Tyson to join, of course.

Tyson has made making random — and always welcome — cameos for years, going back to James Toback’s 1999 indie Black and White and, more recently, in the Hangover franchise. It’s always good to see the former heavyweight champion, so long as he’s a safe distance from our ears. (Sorry, I will never allow him to get past that.)

Tyson will appear as a property developer-slash-streetfighter in the third installment of the popular Chines martial arts franchise Ip Man, which is not a reference to an internet proxy but real-life martial arts legend Yip Man. According to Indiewire, Ip Man 3 will bring Bruce Lee back from the dead in CGI form in order to explore the master-student relationship between the two legendary fighters. Somewhere along the way Mike Tyson challenges the star to find out “whose fists are faster.” We can probably guess.

Ip Man 3 will open in China and Hong Kong on December 25.