Watch Mike Tyson Smoke a Foot-Long Joint With Cypress Hill Rapper B-Real

Just call him the Heavyweed Champ.

Mike Tyson Weed Farm
Photos: Getty Images

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is taking his biggest swing yet at the marijuana industry with a new video of him smoking a foot-long joint. 

The former heavyweight world champion now owns a 40-acre legal marijuana ranch in California after breaking into the weed biz last year. He’s also planning on hosting a pot-themed music festival at the site on Feb. 23.

Tyson’s latest flamboyant foray into the cannabis industry was captured on video as the 52-year-old puffed a giant joint next to Cypress Hill’s B-Real at an event for the rapper’s BREALTV.

Photos: Getty Images

The New York Post has more details:

Tyson, who recently claimed he was stoned when he fought against Andrew Golota in 2000, is taking advantage of the California legalization of recreational marijuana.

His ranch has 20 acres set aside for the growing of the plant, while he also has his own school — Tyson Cultivation School — to teach farmers how to grow and develop their strains.

The land is situated in California City to the southwest of Death Valley — with the town having a population of 15,000. The ranch also has its own amphitheater, complete with luxury camping area and cabins.

During a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Tyson revealed why he’s gung-ho on the green stuff these days.

“I like who I am when I smoke. You know what I mean?” Tyson told Rogan. “Without weed I don’t like who I am sometimes,” he said. “It makes me nicer. It calms me down.”

Sounds like a good idea to us. 

Meanwhile, fellow combat sports icon Conor McGregor is also a fan of Tyson’s product. He hailed Tyson’s pot strain “KO Kush” as “really nice” after the pair spent a night partying together in Dublin in November.