Miley Cyrus’ Latest Outfit Lets It All Hang Out

Code word: Light up balls. 

If you’re at a loss as to what outfit to wear for any number of upcoming holiday events, perhaps you’ll consider taking a page from Miley Cyrus and going balls out. Her getup for the opening performance of her Dead Petz tour leaves nothing, but also everything, to the imagination.

During the first night of her tour, at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, Cyrus took to the stage wearing a diaper,

fake plastic boobs

, and a strap-on dildo equipped with light-up balls. Oh, and a purple wig. Normal. Totally normal and fine.

There had been some buzz awhile back about there being a fully naked (like, performers AND audience) show during this tour, but it doesn’t seem as though last night was the night. Why drab things down with your own boring naked flesh when you can have light up balls? I mean, right? 

Photos by Press Line Photos / SplashNews