Miley Cyrus’s VMAs Outfit Is Everything We Hoped and Dreamed For

This year’s host bares — well, a lot.

If the MTV Video Music Awards are known for anything, it’s being the sartorial equivalent of an acid trip, so when we heard that Miley Cyrus was reportedly given “no rules” for her hosting gig this year, we we sure that the starlet would attempt to top 2013’s twerktastic performance at the awards show.

We were not disappointed.

Boasting a Versace custom-designed cross between robot suspenders and some sort of chandelier-inspired crystal doily for a loincloth, Cyrus isn’t leaving much to the imagination. But hell, it’s the VMAs: hats off to you, Cyrus.

[It seems like just yesterday when Miley went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about boobs the whole time. Check it out.]

Photos by Getty Images