Miley Cyrus’s New Single is Full of Strange, Disconcerting Surprises

Surprise! She has a new album. Surprise! She’s full blown insane.

On Monday morning The New York Times released a feature on Miley Cyrus and the making of her Dead Petz album, which she offered up free to stream online after Sunday night’s MTV VMA Awards. 

The album’s opening song, “Dooo It” was reportedly co-written by Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips fame, who also produced most of the album. The video is a revelation in itself, and depicts Cyrus’s affection for having various types of goop in and around her face.

Here are some more surprises, straight from the mouth of Miley:

1) “I’m not a chicken with my head cut off.”

2) “This is going to sound crazy,” but a Chinese healer “sent me into a state where my dog was lifted out of my lungs and placed on my shoulder.”

3) “Self control is not something I’m working on.”


4) “If one of my friends doesn’t see me for two or three weeks, you have to re-get to know me in a way. My soul will still be the same, but everything around me can be different, and I won’t dress the same and maybe different kinds of people will be around.”

5) “I am 100 percent in love with Wayne, and Wayne is in love with me, but it’s nothing sexual in any way. That would be the grossest.”

6) “I literally can do whatever I want. It’s insane.”

Thanks, Miley! Keep in touch! 

Photos by Youtube