This Amazing Mind-Reading Device Lets You Pick Netflix Movies Using Only Brain Waves

Netflix and chill just got WAY more awesome.

If you’ve ever been sacked out on the sofa and felt like just bothering to scroll through Netflix was way too much trouble, some engineers with the streaming service have got you covered. It’s called Mindflix, and you can use it to page through video selections and even select one.

As the video above demonstrates, someone wearing Mindflix can simply move their head to browse, then once a selection is made, play the video by merely focusing on it.

The engineers added a motion sensor to a headband originally designed for monitoring brainwaves during meditation to create Mindflix, making it more of a simple hack than it may seem. It also, as Mashable notes, can’t actually peek into your thoughts and pluck out your deepest streaming desires. 

The company holds a hack day each month and this was the product of some likely very lazy engineers putting their heads together. That said, seems like the commercial application with a ton of marketing potential. 

Who knows, this could be the freaky future of Netflix and Chill, and we’re totally down with that. 

h/t Mashable