Minibar Stocks Your Home Bar at Speed

Need alcohol? Silicon Valley has you covered.

Throwing an impromptu Tuesday night bash can be a great way to get the week going. Running out to the liquor store to pick up provisions? Not so much. Now there’s an app to ensure the festivities can go down without fear your well will run dry. Aptly named Minibar, your new favorite widget gets beer, wine and spirits to your door fast —in most cases (note: subtle pun) under an hour. They’ll even bring you ice and mixers. Delivery is free, and the options available include everything from Bushmills to high-end champagne.

If you’re used to being an attendee rather than throwing the shindigs yourself, Minibar’s website also offers party planning tips, so you can figure out how much you should order for the group.

While the service is a solid win for your home parties, it also works for last minute gifts. Just had a baby? Here’s a bottle of whiskey! Lost your job? Here’s a handle of vodka! Just had a baby and lost your job? Here’s a barrel of Jagermeister. Really, any occasion (that we can think of) is a good occasion to send someone some booze. When you decide to send a drink, the service supplies a card. Screw flowers.

Minibar has been live in New York City since February, and just launched in San Francisco and Chicago. The app can also used for on-demand cocktails in Ithaca, Dallas, Westchester and the Hamptons, which is kind of insane, but whatever. In each city the app partners with local merchants, meaning you have a solid sample of the area’s inventory at your fingertips.