Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter Split

No more home runs with Minka for the Yankee shortstop. His loss is our gain!

Well, the news is out: shortstop Derek Jeter and stunning fiancé Minka Kelly have ended their relationship of about three years. How did it happen? Who dumped who? We’re not exactly sure what went down or if we even care, but we hope it involved Minka shouting “You’re out!” to the baseball playboy.  

Up next for the former star of Friday Night Lights: The release of the comedy/mystery (that’s a genre now) flick, Searching for Sonny, and a starring role on the new Charlie’s Angels, on ABC this fall. With looks that could kill and a thriving TV career, we’re sure Minka won’t be down for long, but if so, we’re here to offer our shoulders to cry on!