Missy Elliott Is the Unlikely Hero Music Needs

We want Missy to flip and reverse everything.  

In the same way that Missy Elliott improved Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, she also just significantly upgraded Jack Ü’s “Take Ü There.” The track, by Diplo and Skrillex and featuring Kiesza, makes a great background for Missy’s legendary, acrobatic lyrical work. She’s punchy and fiery, spitting fierce lines like “I’m the main chick, not a substitute.”

But small injections of Missy aren’t enough. The rapper, who’s 43 years old and boasts six platinum albums, proves with ever brief appearance that she not only remains relevant but remains on point. No wonder the public demands more: Her music is timeless and so is she.

Take this “Work It” tribute created by a dancer who appeared in Missy Elliott’s videos as a child: It instantly went viral and currently has nearly 12 million views.

We need Missy to come back, and we hope rumors of her upcoming album are true.  But in the meantime, we’re keeping this on repeat for the rest of the week.

Photos by Associated Press