This MMA Fighter Literally Had the Sh*t Beaten Out of Him

Yes, there’s video evidence.

Amateur fighter Travis Wolford was one of 50+ fighters on the card at Saturday’s Ruckus in the Cage, an MMA fight night in the dusty backwaters of West Virginia. But he’s the only one people are talking about a few days later — and it’s not because he won.

Wolford, quite literally, got the shit beat out of him. And it only took 62 seconds. That was enough time for fellow heavyweight Daniel Cooper to bash Wolford’s face in, force him to tap out with a guillotine choke and make the man soil himself. Unfortunately, there’s video.

As you can see, neither fighter nor the ref saw the fecal crisis Wolford created until it dropped onto the mat (eagle-eyed viewers will notice that Wolford’s pants were brown at 0:10, though — the deluge was clearly coming.) And once he stands, sure enough, the droppings drop and everyone scurries away.

Give credit to the fearless videographer though. He who didn’t budge , zooming in on the soiled mat like the Paul Thomas Anderson of shooting shit. Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t call attention to the woman who can be heard at 0:50 speaking for all of us when she says, “Oh my god. I’m gonna throw up.”