This MMA Fighter’s Huge Breasts Forced Her Into a Higher Weight Class

“I can’t cut my tits off and put them on the side, they weigh 12 pounds.”

Brye Anne Russillo is a small time MMA fighter with a 1-1 record and, at age 29, little hope of rising through the ranks of the MMA world. But Russillo is all over the internet today anyway, because unlike all of the other unknown fighters desperate for a little publicity, she’s got something unique: A giant set of breasts. 

“They weigh 12 pounds,” Russillo told My MMA News. And they put her at a decided disadvantage when it comes to slotting into a weight class. Her next fight, on October 3, was supposed to be fought at 145 pounds, but Russillo couldn’t make weight because of her breasts. So she and her opponent agreed to fight at 150 pounds.

Don’t feel too bad for Russillo though. The pastry chef with two professional bouts under her belt might feel burdened by her boobs, but they’ve taken her from total unknown to the internet’s latest crush. Let’s call this one a draw. 

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