Watch an MMA Fighter Use the Rock’s Signature Move in the Wild

Do you smell what Luis Nogueira is cooking?!

You’ve seen MMA fights won by knock out, technical knock out and submission. But you’ve never seen this — an MMA fight won by Rock Bottom.

Remember the Rock Bottom? It was one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s most beloved finishing moves, and Brazilian fighter Luis Nogueira unleashed it on Yuki Baba at Pancrase 271 over the weekend. As the MMA experts at Caged Potato point out, it was the first knock out via Rock Bottom in MMA history and it was spectacular. From the looks of it, the move was also a pretty faithful tribute to original.

Here’s hoping Nogueira keeps this going and unleashes a People’s Elbow in his next match.

Photos by George Napolitano / Getty Images