This Mod Brings Mario Kart 8 Into Grand Theft Auto V

The Mushroom Kingdom is coming to Los Santos.

In another mindblowing Grand Theft Auto V project, a modder has created an astoundingly exact replica of Mario Kart 8’s Yoshi Valley course in-game. How exact, you ask? MrVicho13 took the ripped textures from Mario Kart 8, converted them for use in Grand Theft Auto V, and placed them in a painstakingly recreated landscape.

You can download the mod now and enjoy it on your PC version of the game, and MrVicho13 will be bringing more tracks to the game soon. Plus, these tracks would make an awesome playground for the Force Dynamics motion system. Unfortunately, you’ll have to enjoy doing the Mario in single-player mode, because Grand Theft Auto Online doesn’t allow any modification of files.