The Monmouth Hawks Might Be the Most Fun Team in College Sports

And not because of anything they’re doing on the court. 

The Monmouth University basketball team doesn’t get to much time to shine on national television. And when they do, they’re seldom the main attraction.

That changed over the Thanksgiving holiday. The next time Monmouth is on TV, the basketball watching world will be glued to the screens and it’s got nothing to do with the way the Hawks play. No, it’s all about these goofy ass celebrations.

The Hawks played three days in four games over the long weekend, in something called the AdvoCare Invitational, and upset both Notre Dame and USC. In the process, the team’s pasty bench warmers showed the kind of youthful exuberance that makes college hoops such a joy to watch. Some of it was clearly choreographed. Some of it was pure emotion. All of it was beautiful to watch.

Monmouth’s next nationally televised game is on December 15 against Georgetown. Don’t miss it. 

Photos by Rob Fold / Getty Images