Watch The Ridiculous Trailer For ‘Monster Trucks’ That’s Blowing Up Twitter

It’s like “E.T.” meets “Fast and the Furious”—and people can’t stop tweeting about it.

Yep, those government heavies are at it again, persecuting some misunderstood “other.” Whether it is E.T.’s alien or Short Circuit‘s robot, movie feds always feel the need to embarrass themselves chasing oddball creatures around. The new trailer for Monster Trucks follows in that well-worn theme, while also defining “monster truck” as something very literal indeed.

Slated to hit theaters in January 2017, Monster Trucks tells the age-old story of a high school senior (Lucas Till of the X-Men franchise), who makes friends with a squid-like beast that also happens to serve as the engine for his truck.

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The sight of roaring, leaping monster-powered trucks was evidently enough to ignite a tweet storm, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that Monster Trucks generated more chatter on Twitter than any other movie trailer last week—including even Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens.

Ready or not, ridiculous truck monsters are coming to a theater near you.