This Extended Cut Trailer For ‘Suicide Squad’ Hints at More Joker and Harley Quinn

We’ll take more of Margot Robbie, sure.

Critics didn’t love it but DC’s grimy anti-hero action flick Suicide Squad was a box office hit—and it raised some questions. Like, will we ever get to see more of Margot Robbie‘s scary-hot Harley Quinn? Will Jared Leto‘s skeevy Joker get even more screen time in longer cuts? 

Based on the new full-length trailer for the extended cut release—which is available on digital HD Nov. 28 then Blu-ray Dec. 5—it looks as though the answer to both might be yes. NME reports that Warner Brothers has indicated the extended cut will bring viewers 13 extra minutes of footage and if quick clips in the trailer are any indication those will surely include more creepy Joker badness.

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Leto seemed disappointed with his character’s screen time but studio execs have indicated this film was merely an introduction to Joker 2.0, according to NME. 

It’s great if the Academy Award winner gets to ultimately put his mark on a character that was engraved in cinematic history by Heath Ledger’s genius, but whatever happens with the Joker, we’ll be perfectly satisfied with more Harley Quinn.

h/t NME