The Most Irritating “Deep” Tweets About Last Night’s “Mad Men” Premiere

Turns out, you can fit a lot of pretension into 140 characters.

Turns out, you can fit a lot of pretension into 140 characters.

Look, we love Mad Men. We do. It’s a good show. It got a little stale for a while, but it’s still solid. What we don’t love are self-important people trying to force it down our throats because, “Oh my God, it’s like, so deep! Everyone smokes!” Combine that attitude with Twitter, and you have a whole mess of folks eager to tell you what last night’s episode really means. Here are some of the worst:

Yes, they’re wonderful. And…what are they, exactly? Eh, some crankknob blogger will probably tell us.

Those crafty writers, managing not one long-lost twin or nefarious coma story line in six whole years!


Yes, the 138 death references (and a straight up funeral and someone literally dying) were pretty subtle.

Shiz is getting allegorical in this bitch!

That wasn’t the line, and also, no.

Nothing more subtle than “WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU MOVE MY COUCH?”

Arm me? A remy? Arm why? Ugh, the existential imponderables are literally, like, flabbergastingly opaque in their verisimilitude!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes oh my God just watch the show for the pretty clothes.

Fair enough.

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