The Most Memorable Politician Cameos

Parks & Rec’s Joe Biden wasn’t the only one ready for his closeup.

Parks & Rec’s Joe Biden wasn’t the only one ready for his closeup.

Photo Courtesy of David Giesbrecht / NBC

We all know that Hollywood folks love making cameos in politics. Sometimes – as Mitt Romney learned the hard way – they actually steal the show. But this isn’t a one-way street: Last night, Joe Biden absolutely nailed playing Joe Biden on Parks & Recreation. And that wasn’t his first gig – he also appeared on a 1993 episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Here are six other notable instances of where politicians (or politicians in the making), got their IMDB credit.

John McCain in Wedding Crashers

The man who called President Obama out for being “the biggest celebrity in the world” (and then likening him to Paris Hilton) was probably hoping no one would dig up his walk on roles in Wedding Crashers and 24. He’s so good at playing an old, white-haired man!

Sonny Bono in Airplane 2

After Sonny Bono broke away from Sonny & Cher, he started getting into politics, but not before he did a little acting, like when he played a suicide bomber in Airplane 2. Can’t say many members of the U.S. House of Representatives have that on their resume.

Sen. Patrick Leahy in The Dark Knight

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy had a walk on role in The Dark Knight, where he got slashed in the face with a knife by the Joker for standing up to him. Now that’s a man that will fight for you – he should just show this clip at all fundraisers (or the first 20 seconds of it, anyway).

Tip O’Neill in Cheers

Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill had a cameo on the beloved Cheers. A Boston native, O’Neill walks into Cheers as himself and everyone but Norm knows his name.

Al Gore in Futurama

We all know Hollywood is all about ‘who you know.’ So is it a coincidence that Al Gore was featured in two episodes of Futurama and that his head appears on the Earthican $500 bill? Or was it because his daughter, Kristen Gore, is a writer on the show?

Ronald Reagan in Bedtime for Bonzo

Fact or fiction: the man who starred in this chimp comedy went on to be President of the United States. (Fact)

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