The Most Offensive Movie Graffiti

Tagging is supposed to be offensive and destructive, but sometimes it goes over the line. These are those times.

Tagging is supposed to be offensive and destructive, but sometimes it goes over the line. These are those times.


Kristin Wiig’s shuttered bakery’s sign was changed from “Cake Baby” to “Cock Baby.” No so much “offensive” as “hilarious.”

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

“Big Hairy Pussy” is drawn in marker on the bathroom mirror of Brad’s All American Burger. Turns out to be the high point of his day.

Later in the movie, Mike Damone’s car is renamed “Prick” and his locker “Little Prick” after refusing to man up after knock up Stacy Hamilton. He’s a total prick but at least he can score choice Earth, Wind and Fire tickets.


Our personal favorite on the list is courtesy of nihilist/badass/ coolest-guy-in-the-world Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). This work of art not only pisses off a ruthless ginger bully, but incorporates so many elements. Not only is he ejaculating, but he’s pooing at the same time. This kind of artwork doesn’t belong in a movie. It belongs in the Louvre!

A Clockwork Orange

The lovely murals of in the lobby in Alex’s run-down building where he lives with his dada and mum. These crudely scrawled cock and balls are quite horror-show.


Someone dared to destroy one of the many upbeat and hopeful billboards. You know how much paperwork it’ll take to get that removed? So much paperwork!

Mars Needs Moms

In a colorless world, this creepy alien feels the need to add vibrant designs bursting with color. By far the most offensive act of vandalism on this entire list…

Meet Monica Velour

Okay, maybe Mars Needs Moms isn’t so bad after all. While tracking down his favorite vintage porn star, Tobe’s “Weenie Wiz” mobile is defaced in a strip club parking lot.

Billy Madison

This one happens to be 100-percent true. Everyone knows Eric drinks his own pee.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Wow, this one is really fucking mean. Moving on…


This one’s pretty mean too, but it’s how Scottish people normally greet one another. So just relax and shoot some heroin.

Dazed and Confused

How dare anyone defile Honest Abraham Lincoln’s eyeballs.

We want more! Tell us what you think is the most offensive movie graffiti and we might add it to the list.