Is This The Most Ridiculous Movie Ever Made?

Thankskilling 3 is so bad, it skipped its own sequel.

Thankskilling 3 is so bad, it skipped its own sequel.

While most holiday turmoil is caused by drunken uncles making inappropriate dinner speeches and pissed-off moms covered in itchy wool and food shavings, others – like D-list Indie actors and puppets – have to deal with a homicidal turkey who dices up collegiates for no apparent reason.

Sound like something you want to watch? Well, firstly, you should probably ease up on that bong, sport. Secondly, have a look at ThanksKilling 3, a comical, raunchy horror flick that we’re reluctantly going to refer to as a future “cult classic,” because we’re very, very lazy. Heading straight to the third installment (with the lack of a second movie actually being a plot point), the film reintroduces Turkie, a killer Turkey who slaughtered a bunch of college kids because… something something cocaine, we’re guessing? This time around, the deranged blood-thirsty bird is trying to get his claws on the mysterious ThanksKilling 2, the sole copy being in the velvety hands of a bunch of fucked-up puppets. Throughout the journey we’re introduced to such fully realized characters as a rapping grandmother and a bisexual space worm, so you can tell it’s a quality flick.

Now, we’re sure most people will bash this movie, but fuck it, if Maxim can’t support a dumb-ass flick about killer poultry (did we mention our editor in chief wrote Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead?), who can? Besides, going by the trailer, it’s stuffed full of Evil Dead 2 references  – including a chainsaw-wielding turkey that says “gravy” instead of “groovy” that literally made our day – and you know we love us some Bruce Campbell around these parts.

Check out the clip below to witness the stupidity for yourself.

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