This Motion System Lets You Experience Grand Theft Auto V in Real Life

Real life, except without all the messy cop interference and stuff.

Grand Theft Auto V is realistic enough on its own when played via console or PC, but what if you could actually experience the things going on on-screen from vehicular manslaughter to outrunning the cops? The Force Dynamics team, using the 401cr motion system, took a car, roller coaster, and other various vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V for a spin with some pretty sweet-looking results.

The action on-screen is translated to the extremely sophisticated motion control system, so you feel every single thing going on in front of you. It doesn’t exactly look gentle by any means, but where’s the fun in obeying traffic rules or avoiding ramps to get some air?

By the end of the video you’ll be wondering why we can’t just slap every single game we’ve got into one of these babies and experience it all for real. Who knows? This kind of thing could well be the future of gaming, and if we see these things all over the place soon enough, games are going to be even more fulfilling than they already are.