Motorhead Gets Orgasmatronic With New Line of Sex Toys

Never play unplugged again.

With a new line of sex toys bearing their distinctive black and silver graphics, metal gods Motörhead have launched the most logical merchandising offshoot in rock and roll history. Forget your vintage 1985 “No Remorse” Motörhead concert tee, this is what rock and roll is about.

Australian publication Sunshine Coast Daily quoted occasionally ailing Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmeister, who said, “One of the songs on our debut album was called ‘Vibrator’ so we had to have our own one day, right? Apparently, it was worth the wait!” Lemmy, whose legendarily healthy rock and roll lifestyle may have recently slowed the band’s current tour, is apparently on the mend.

Dildo and lube purveyor Lovehoney is selling the Motörhead love muscle massagers, and their commercial director indicated to the Aussie paper that he was certain Motörhead’s bullet-shaped eternal boners, called “The Official Pleasure Collection,” would “become a firm favorite for lovers and rock fans alike.”

Anyone ready to Rock Out with the these Vibrators can purchase toys ranging in price from the simple silver “Overkill 10″ at $24.99 to the Ace of Spades 7 Power Classic, which is $44.99.

Who knows? If the current line does gangbuster business, they might eventually add something really terrifying like an “Iron Fist,” for the truly devoted and masturbatory metalhead. 

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