NSFW: Auteur Offers Up Lyrical Ode to Nude Female Hikers

This is fine art in action.

If you’re going to watch any short film this year, let it be one from Tim Swallow.

The Sydney-based photographer has a knack for photographing ethereal models in sun-drenched landscapes. The work coming out of the Lagoon Collective, his creative studio with collaborator and filmmaker Ed Triglone, is testament to his eye for beauty.

Take a look at the seventh entry to their If We Die Tomorrow series, titled “Sundown Saunter.” Filmed by Triglone, the short is an Elysian vision of the ethereal duo of Bronte Jones and Sarah Shaw reconnecting with Mother Earth, stripping off their taxing clothes and then wandering mountainous terrain fully liberated, au naturel.

“Sundown Saunter” and other short films from the If We Die Tomorrow series will be featured at a forthcoming Sydney exhibition. The rest of series features more shots of stunning women in their all-together in a variety of locales—Holi festivals, the beach, and waterfalls, to name a few.

You can watch several other sultry entries, via Vimeo, below: