This Completely Insane Guy Jumped On a Trampoline Covered in 1000 Mouse Traps and It Was Epic

Don't try this at home, obviously.
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Anyone who's ever had the misfortune of getting their finger caught in a mouse trap knows it doesn't feel good. 

So it goes without saying that Daniel Gruchy, co-host of The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel, must be insane for attempting the feat featured in their latest video in which he jumped on a trampoline covered in 1000 pre-set mouse traps. 

Guchy and his partner, Gavin Free, took four hours to carefully position each one, but only four seconds to set them all off. In the slo-mo GIF above, the stunt looks totally mesmerizing. 

But at regular speed, it's mostly hilarious as Guchy gracelessly falls through the air while shrieking in anticipation of landing on the spring-loaded rodent killers.  

Surprisingly, he emerged unscathed, despite having forgotten his safety goggles. What's truly amazing is that the video has gotten over 6 million views in just one day. 

We admit it's impressive, but as far as slow-motion bouncing goes, this clip takes the cake. 

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