Mouth of the South

Is Lil Wayne the greatest rapper alive? He’ll be the judge of that.

You say you’re the best. Exactly how competitive are you?
It’s not about competitiveness, ’cause that would mean “to compete.” Y’all got me all wrong. I’m not competitive, ’cause there’s no competition. I don’t give a screw who your best rapper is, I will annihilate him. Even if it’s me.

A few songs from your new album have leaked. How are you dealing?
We’re calling the album The Leak, and it will include those songs. You’re going to get a few new joints on there, but I ain’t even gonna lie—I’m upset I have to do that. This bootlegging crap is a gift and a curse. My mama’s telling me to look at it like, “At least that means they want it.” But at the same time, my daughter, family, and friends have to eat off of it.

What if people complain you’re not giving them new music?
I wouldn’t give a screw, ’cause when you listen to the songs that are leaked, you hear my effort, and you should respect it. I don’t care if it was leaked or comes out years from now—what’s said is said. I’m not gonna sit here and praise the album, but I’m gonna tell you to go get it, because it is me at my best.

What did you learn about yourself while recording it?
Why would I tell you what I’m thinking? It comes out on the beats. An interviewer is supposed to ask questions like, “What are you doing?” I got The Leak coming out. We’re talking to a couple of movie peoples. I got my own clothing company, liquor-champagne, and shoe coming out. I’m single, looking, and I swear to God, I will fucking piss off whatever  woman it shall be. That’s an interview, my nigga. Don’t try to get in my mind.

The Leak drops December 18.