This Supercut of Weird Movie Weapons Is a Glorious Buffet of Death

We can never get enough of Jason Bourne’s Bic of death.

An Improbable Weapon Supercut from Burger Fiction on Vimeo.

Burgerfiction’s amazing compilation of clips from 29 films captures all the weird and wondrous ways Hollywood has murdered movie characters in recent years. We’ve a few of our favorite clips highlight modern cinema’s endless ingenuity when it comes to killing guys with strange things.

Here’s Vin Diesel ruining a perfectly good teacup in Chronicles of Riddick. No amount of soaking would make that cup usable again.

In First Strike, Jackie Chan re-purposed a garbage can to epic effect. Who could think of that but Chan, whose sometimes outrageous and ridiculous stunts are legendary?

In Zombieland, Woody Harrelson may have discovered the banjo’s most true and secret purpose when he used one to bash an oversized zombie. 

This scene from intense Korean action flick Oldboy demonstrates an off-brand use for a toothbrush that 9 out of 10 dentists would never approve of. We don’t want to meet the 10th dentist who does.

The Bourne films are full of wild weapons, including a duel between kitchen knife and rolled-up magazine in The Bourne Supremacy, but one of the best is the title character proving his pen is mightier than his attacker’s push-dagger in The Bourne Identity. It’s a scene that any writer or owner of a messy desk can appreciate.

Photos by YouTube