Mr. T Scores From Center Ice During Blackhawk Game

Shockingly, this was not a fever dream you had.

Shockingly, this was not a fever dream you had.

What’s better than a good Mr. T rant?

If you said “Mr. T ranting at a hockey game, then shooting a puck into the goal from center ice,” you win all the puppies.

The crowd at the United Center was more pumped than usual to watch the second intermission shootout at the Chicago Blackhawks and Calgary Flames game on Tuesday night. Mr. T was in the building, and everyone there presumed magic would shortly follow.

Sure enough, as soon as the T-Man took the ice in an American flag bandana and a custom-made Blackhawks jersey, amazing words started falling out of his mouth. Local television reporter Susannah Collins just fed the fire with her questions.

Mr. T.’s prediction for “Shoot the Puck”?


Did he practice?

“I didn’t even practice!”

Is he ready? 


After rambling a bit and calling Collins by the wrong name, Mr. T stepped up to shoot. His first two tries went wide of the net, but on the third charmed shot, the puck slid down the ice and slipped through the center opening. 

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