MTV’s Scream Lives to See Another Season

Bring on more blood and beautiful ladies.

MTV continues to prove it can hang with the cool kids. Their latest slasher series, Scream, has been picked up for a second season and will continue to murder ratings and more innocent teens. Inspired by the highly successful ’96 horror flick, Scream takes things from the fictional town of Woodsboro to the fictional town of Lakewood, with a new murder mystery and a brand new group of up-and-comers hoping to make it to the final table read.

It’s still up in the air as to what angle the directors and writers will take – will they shift the scene to a brand new setting “anthology style” after the first season wraps up, or will we see the lucky survivors caught up in some new deadly scenario? One thing is for damn sure: we better find out who the man (or woman) behind the Brandon James mask is. Even with no direct ties to the film, let’s hope for a surprise second killer to pop up sometime soon. Also, more backstory, the better, but let’s not turn this into another Pretty Little Liars with seven seasons and no resolution. We can’t say we’d mind if Shay Mitchell made an appearance for season two, though.

If you’re still a firm believer that MTV is just for music videos, check out the show’s newest trailer from #SDCC. And if that doesn’t do it for you, take a peek at some of our former Maxim Hot 10 ladies who’ve graced us (and MTV) with their presence.

Carlson Young (Scream)

Katie Stevens (Faking It)

Ashley Rickards (Awkward)

Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf)

Photos by MTV