This Limited Edition $15,000 Book May Be The Greatest Muhammad Ali Tribute Of All Time

The new and improved ‘GOAT’ has been called the best-ever tribute to the late champ.


It even comes with this sculpture by artist Jeff Koons (Taschen)

Several years back luxury publisher Taschen came out with GOAT (Greatest of All Time), a massive tribute to Muhammad Ali that Barack Obama recently cited as his favorite memento of the recently deceased icon. 


Now in time for Art Basel in Switzerland this week, they’ve come out with a “sumo” sized Champ’s Edition of the seminal tome, signed by Ali and limited to just 1,000 copies priced at $15,000 apiece.


For that price you not only get the book but an original sculpture by artist Jeff Koons meant to incorporate the book (top photo) well as four silver gelatin prints signed by Ali and photographer Howard L. Bingham.

Courtesy Taschen

GOAT is the definitive Ali tribute with over 3,000 images including photographs, art and memorabilia, many of them iconic but several published for the first time, from over 150 photographers and artists.

Courtesy Taschen

Add to that original essays and the best interviews and writing on the Champ over five decades, totaling 600,000 words.

Courtesy Taschen

And it all comes in a silk-covered box illustrated with Neil Leifer’s iconic 1966 photo, Ali vs Williams

Of course you can still get Taschen’s other, less exclusive editions of GOAT without the Koons sculpture and all that jazz. 

But we know you want to go big on this one….